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  • Hat permission
  • Trails permission
  • Weekly kit farmer

Jaown21 IGN: Jaown21
CutieSims IGN: CutieSims
Lieutenant_Bear IGN: Lieutenant_Bear

Welcome to the Island of Misfit:

Is a new server looking for staff members.  If you are interested fill out an application at the web site.  Spend the time and check out the server before you make any decisions.  I hope to see you on the server…..

SkyBlock: combine with SkyGrid gives players a different experience.

Survival:  Set multiple homes, Random Teleports.

Parkour: There is Mirror's Edge Parkour, with 15 addition courses design for racing or playing solo.

Spleef: With a new twist.

Dropper: The original Dropper if you like that stuff.

In addition the server has VoteParty and CrateKey to award prizes when Voting.

Iliano_Goossens Iliano_Goossens
pronotfound 101romeo 3:
[Staff] Jesse_Sage The True Server IP is: We hope to see you on the island and thank you for coming to vist!
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